Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Other Investments

I am a mother to a two- year- old little girl. Considerably, two years is just the beginning of our life together. I can be considered as a newbie mom and technically, I still have a lot to learn. From the do’s and don’ts, yes or no and other decisions and things I have to consider when growing a child. The world is on your shoulder when you are a parent because believe it or not, you are responsible for the life of this child until he or she grows old and can readily take the wheel and be responsible to his or her own life. But until then, you and your spouse is solely obligated to fulfill their needs.

I am no expert when it comes to parenting but one thing is for sure which is that my only wish, dream and priority in life is to secure my little girl and my other future children of a good and bright future ahead of them. But how will I do it? Regardless if you have millions of dollars in the bank, is living in a mansion situated in a prime area, is driving the most expensive cars there is, there is no assurance that this will secure your children a good life. Life is very unpredictable. One day you’re in this level the next thing you know you’re poorer that you can ever imagine. In a snap of a finger, your life can change 360 degrees.

Securing your children’s future by monetary means is not as easy as putting it all in a safe or in a bank, as interest rates tend to be very minimal. You have put your hard earned money into something that you expect to grow bigger all throughout the years. A good example is jewelries and accessories more specifically diamonds or one of a kind watches. Diamonds are very rare and are very hard to find. Merchandise with diamonds on it will surely increase its value by even more than half in the coming years. Another example is properties. Putting your money and investing it in lots in prime areas will surely help you double or even triple the amount especially if these places are starting to develop already. Pre selling of condominium units is also a good way to set aside money. Lastly, is by putting it to self managed superannuation funds . This is secured and governed by laws of the Australian government. There are several options for every person, one is when your current employer pays a certain amount of your salary to this fund another is by getting trustees. When you reach your retirement age and have made pass all the necessary conditions, you can now start getting it. People can chooses whether to get the whole amount or by way of pension like a monthly allowance.

There are a lot of things we can invest in. However, you have to make sure that you have studied all the basics and possible loopholes so as not to have any problems in the future.

General Terms of Financing: Know More About Them

In financing, there are a lot of factors and general terms that can be used. It depends on what term you typically apply to them, but mostly, in this article, are the common ones. So to understand much more about them, you will have to familiarize each of them that is potentially present in your status. To get started, make sure that you have everything cleared on your mind so that everything we tackle here can be absorbed by your memory.

Income – it is where your budget and where your cash flows. It is generally the source where you get to buy everything you want. From groceries up to other things that you can want to buy, it’s really up to you. A quick tip would be – save more than what you can spend. This is a must and you may need the money in times of emergency or starting out a new business. Generally, income comes in three ways, selling services or labor, lending or cash loans, or selling goods and things that can generate enough profit or turn the workflow of your business.

Expenses – these are the things that take or use your income. In other things, these are the ones which are your needs or entertainment. If your income is greater that your expenses, then it’s a big plus. We call it budget surplus, but if your expenses is greater than your income, it’s a different story, and we call it budget deficit. Advice – you must keep your budget surplus in times you could use it desperately.

Assests – it’s anything in your possession which gives you income. These could be cars, your house or your business. Though there are many factors that make up this term, it is mostly regarded as anything tangible.

Equity – is a portion of business in which you own. It is mostly called corporation on company. Some hold other stocks, some hold the services, some hold other department.

Those are just the common terms used in financing and investing. For more information, you can watch the video below.